Why choose Rutherford Johnston Properties?


Real estate is one of the few jobs where you can usually judge a salesperson's credentials by their own life experience. Do you really want to trust the sale of your most precious asset to someone who doesn't have first-hand knowledge of buying a home themselves? 
Great real estate salespeople should not only have a passion for properties and investments, but they should also have an innate understanding of the value of a home's location, its aspect, its floor plan and its benefits - in other words what makes a home truly valuable.

Where are the local schools and public transport? Is it close to entertainment, shopping facilities and employment? Are the bedrooms close enough for parents to watch over a sick child? What about extending so that my aging parents can stay? Can I entertain friends without opening up my whole home? 

They're all the features that can make a weekend house inspection blossom into a buyer's dream home - and the answers are far too important to trust with an agent who has never even thought about the questions.
That's why you should choose Rutherford Johnston Properties for the sale of your home. Our agents have life experience. They've purchased homes, raised families, entertained friends and faced morning traffic jams themselves. In fact they've experienced the same questions you're asking. And with all that accumulated knowledge, no one knows Canberra real estate like we do.
Experience is something you can't teach - it takes years of practice and decades of familiarity. That's why we're so proud to be familiar faces with fresh ideas.

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